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Challenge #18: VOTING

Thanks for entering and good luck in the voting! :)
Also, please vote here if you haven't already. Thanks!

Please read the rules before voting.
- don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you
- please keep your votes unbiased
- votes are public and anyone can vote
- results will be announced within this week

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lorne; all i've found

challenge #19: oh, sinnerman


This week's challenge is to icon characters in their "go to the devil" moments of critical decisions; Sherlock deciding to jump, John shooting the cabbie, Irene turning on the Holmes brothers, etc. It does not neccesarily have to be an evil moment, just a moment you feel defines a turn in the path of one of the characters.

feel_the_fire | wildpages | tinebrella

- you can enter up to 3 icons
- post your icon(s) with their direct urls in a new post to the community
- tag your entries with your username
- your icons must be 100x100 pixels, no gifs/animation
- premade icons are not allowed - everything must be new!
- deadline: MONDAY, OCTOBER 1ST
- feel free to make suggestions for future challenges or affiliate with the community!